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fft - when the rains stop

title: when the rains stop
word count: 565
rating: g
characters: eiden (oc)
notes: a drabble written for syvia, as part of our ongoing project to write original characters against the backdrop of final fantasy tactics. ♥

it is wet hereCollapse )

♥ kingdom hearts ii - eurydice

title: eurydice
word count: 660
rating: m
characters: riku/kairi/(sora), saïx/kairi, marluxia/naminé, and a very small bit of diz/riku.
Notes: for tabitha_dornoc as part of the 2009 kh_drabble secret santa. ♥ a small sequel to nothing and moonlight.

the story's wrongCollapse )

fandom meme-!

yes i will finish the fairytales i promise. it just... might take a little while, eep. but if you haven't requested, you should. ♥

stolen from wrong and syvia, modified a bit:

give me a fandom, and I'll tell you...

1. the first character i fell in love with:
2. the character i never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. the character everyone else loves that i don’t:
4. the character i love that everyone else doesn't:
5. the character i find most attractive:
6. the character i'd want to be like:
7. the character i'd never want to be like:
8. my favorite pairings:
9. my least favorite pairings:
10. my favorite characters:
11. my least favorite characters:
12. my favorite things about the fandom:
13. my least favorite things about the fandom:
14. the character i think i'm most like:
15. my deep, dark fandom secret:

meme - once upon a time

hi-hi~! it's been a little while. ♥

stolen from my harem the lovely syvia and tabitha_dornoc here & here:

please give me:

source fandom/original world:
fairytale, folktale, or myth:
something interesting: (this can be anything)
canon, au, crossover, or no preference:

hm-hm. tentative preference for persona 4, kingdom hearts, the world ends with you, or one of my original storylands - but if you think i might know it, go ahead. ♥ fairytalewise, ummm. whatever you like? :3 oh! and p4 darlings, a lot of my friendslist hasn't finished yet, so please use the white-out html if you want to request something spoilery, as so: (font color="white")spoilers here(/font)

i-i may challenge myself by doing 100-word drabbles, so keep that in mind? you never know, though. ♥ i also write very, very slow. eeep.

kingdom hearts: com - cold this december

title: cold this december
rating: pg
wordcount: 674
characters: riku replica, sally
notes: for euphonious_glow as part of the 2008 kh_drabble secret santa. ♥ thank you, syvia, for idea help~!

she watches himCollapse )

kingdom hearts - a tale for her

title: a tale for her
word count: 349
rating: pg
pairing: riku/kairi
notes: for tabby. ♥

once upon a timeCollapse )

kingdom hearts ii - just familiar

title: just familiar
word count: 280
rating: g
characters: olette, hayner, pence, (roxas)
notes: for kh_drabble's challenge [119], hide & seek. ♥ - thank you linds-my-muffin for the help!

they always find herCollapse )

ask me a question & i'll--

maybe i ought finish one before i start another, but... ♥

taken from syvia, lindskaba, tabitha_dornoc:

ask me about my fic--something i wrote, character, plotline, even a really short commentary--and i'll give you an explanation, snippet, or something. kind of like a dvd commentary, but shorter and faster.

thoughts i think

stolen from syvia. ♥

name a character/characters and i'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal headcanon.