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maybe this is wonderland...

27 July
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  • crimsoncookie@livejournal.com

♥ iWrite ♥

a lot of fanfic. usually without capital letters. with a strong love of imagery. things that make me sound like a creepster. surreal horror romance and a number of shades in between. very, very slowly. using excessive cute tiny hearts ♥

♥ iFangirl ♥

kingdom hearts. persona 3 & 4. xenogears and xenosaga. a variety of music. lindskaba, syvia, tabitha dornoc, yo-yo-san, and all of you. lolita fashion. fairytales. pullip dolls. stockholm syndrome pairings. people who tell me stories. cupcakes. cute tiny hearts ♥

♥ iMod ♥

themusecafe - a drabble challenge community for original stories
marluxia_namine - a community dedicated to the marluxia/naminé pairing (inactive)
kh_sacredmoon - a community dedicated to the saïx/kairi pairing (inactive)
kh_rainyworld - a community dedicated to the axel/xion pairing (inactive)
thealiceproject - an original roleplay (inactive)

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